Fairness and Goodness for Life

OmZappy is a fair trade company established in 2009 in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.  The headquarter is based in Seattle, WA, and our clothing lines are made from finest linen materials and all natural dyed.  These natural fibers will let your skin to breath with relieve and sometimes we used a small percentage of spandex to give a long lasting wear and look and to go along with stunning jewelry collections from earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

We are the largest source for big selection of home decors such as Indian bedspreads (block printed tapestries made from 100% cotton), and handmade beaded tapestries.  Gorgeous and dazzling cotton or rayon scarves, lovely pashmina or silk shawls and woolen shawls for those cold days in the NW.  Together with eye-catching and yet very practical backpacks, tote bags and small purses made from fine cotton fabric, which is great for everyday usage.  Tap it off with some beautiful sounds from the top of the world the Tibetan Singing Bowls where we have so many sizes and all striking harmonic sounds available to choose.

We envision our products as a superior alternative to the majority of mass-produced.  At the same time, we want to relink people with the beauty & health of the natural and the organic clothing together with other natural fibers products.  Thus, we invite you to visit us at our main showroom in Seattle to experience the distinctiveness of our products.

Peace and Harmony – OmZappy